Proefvaart No Limit Ships op IJsselmeer bij Urk

No Limit Ships

No Limit Ships is a shipyard that builds work ships and yachts in the city of Groningen. The work ships are mainly used as a hydrographic measuring vessel and crew tender. The activities we perform for No Limit Ships are very diverse. We think along in the development of the product, offer support with tenders and during construction we provide various processes such as the drawing work (both class inspection drawings and production drawings), required calculations, construction supervision, delivery, warranty period.
To date, we have performed work for all new construction work ships:

  • NL11 – Geo Explorer (Geoplus, The Netherlands);
  • NL15 – DN75 (Jan de Nul, Mauritius);
  • NL18 – Freedom (Braveheart Shipping, Nld);
  • NL19 – DN96 (Jan de Nul, Mauritius);
  • NL22 – Name unknown (U.P.D.S., Qatar)

For more information about the above ships we would like to refer you to the website of a href=””>No Limit Ships