12th  day of the 12th month started of on a sugar-high. Argos Engineering and Nauplius Workboats proudly complete 13 years in the field of marine engineering and boatbuilding with dedication and innovation. It took years of hard work, a good team, renowned clients and a proactive management to coin the success of 13 amazing years.

Accomplishments always give us happiness, but it magnifies when we celebrate the achievement that beautifully marks a new milestone in the journey.
Today we celebrated with branded cupcakes. Nauplius Workboats and Argos Engineering are both persistent and consistent, well into the detail as these cupcakes were custom made just as our Vessels and design.
Cheers to all these years, the sugar high, followed by the enthusiasm to carry this legacy for years to come.

Gerrit Knol and Jaap van den Hul – Kuijten