Naval Architecture


The naval architects at Argos Engineering are well skilled, have experience on shipyard and / or have sailed by themselves. Our projects in the past or present covers projects in dry-cargo vessels, chemical tankers, Offshore, Yachts but also small workboats below 24 meters such as high speed survey / crew transfers vessels and vessel for the Aquaculture industry. These project covers newbuilding, conversion projects and flag transfer / maintenance project.

Our Naval architects can provide a wide range of services such as:

  • Complete basic design package including technical specification and building cost estimation;
  • Class approval / arrangement drawings;
  • Detail / Workshop drawings;
  • Product information (cutting files);

We only work with tailor made solutions sometimes based on one of our standard designs. We quite often work in good co-operation close together with other design bureau’s and classification societies.

Basic design

Making a basic design package is a profession in its own right, as a ship in addition to its functional requirements, must comply with various International legislation (CE/SOLAS) and National Authorities legislation and/or class requirements. Argos Engineering provides on request a design (study) including weight estimation, speed prediction and technical specification. If desired, we also offer support with the realization and interpreting of model tank testing with a total cost of ownership.


During the design of a ship we make on request relevant design drawings for you such as:

  • Basic design package;
  • National Authorities / Class approval drawings;
  • Area arrangement drawings
  • Workshop drawings / Product information;
  • Ships documents such as SOPEP, SMPEP, OMDE, CSM Manual, towing arrangement etc.

Since Argos Engineering is an entirely independent company without external shareholders we also offer purchase reports and quotation comparisons with total cost of ownership calculations.


During construction or repair works supervision can be carried out by Argos Engineering to check if everything is according to the relevant legislation and to your work standard. This construction supervision can be carried out both at your site and abroad. Argos Engineering can supervise the building strategy and if necessary we translate the required actions in a building roadmap.


Deliveries of ships are often hectic times which needs close and good communication with customer, classification society, flag State and various subcontractors while the ship is commissioned. During this phase and fast approaching deadline it is important to keep a good overview of all the outstanding items and to keep the schedule without losing an eye on quality of the delivered vessel. During the delivery/warranty period Argos Engineering supports you in various ways and we would be delighted to discuss this with you.